The growth of any business whether it's an online retailer or large importer is often met with unpredictability in warehousing requirements.

  On Demand Warehousing provides flexible warehousing solutions.

Storage:Our facilities cater for storage for all types of cargo. also offers cost-effective bonded warehousing

  Distribution:   We established network in China   (Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Shanghai,Beijing,Wuhan,Zhejiang.....)ensures fast, smooth and cost-effective distribution of cargo to your select destinations,

  Our huge warehouses in major ports such as Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou can accommodate two football pitches at once, with hundreds of staff on duty

  Packing:   Our warehouse services also include packing and removals of cargo and when required by our clients.

Quality Services:

  Our space is manned with professional staff, and is monitored with cameras and alarms ensuring your stock is safe and cared for.

  In addition to storage, we can provide other services like fulfilment, container breakdown and palletisation if required. Our transport network can also assist in stock movements.

  In order for your business to work, you need a reliable infrastructure. We operate a national and China-wide transport network for our customers which creates connections between suppliers and producers, production facilities and distribution hubs, procurement and sales markets. In short: We ensure that all routes lead to the desired destination – as transhipment or direct transport, by truck or intermodal. We think in terms of possibilities and not in barriers – and as such we can create connections which enable you to reliably plan the movement of your goods, wherever and whenever.